What Pros Wear: Nike SHA/DO Glove Design with MLB Pitcher Justin Dunn | WPW Origins

Ever since MJ laced up the Jordan 1, stylish ballplayers have dreamed of becoming a Nike athlete. An even more elite group reach the promised land of athletic aesthetics. Two words: Player Exclusive. Achieving “player exclusive” status means you’ve been hand-picked by “The Swoosh” to have your tools made to order by the most iconic sports brand on the planet.

Justin Dunn, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, is part of this elite community. The Long Island product and BC Eagle took WPW along for the “player exclusive” ride this offseason, visiting Nike’s Oregon headquarters to design one of the most coveted items in baseball, the Nike SHA/DO glove.

Here’s episodes 1-4 from the WPW Origins series. Its my favorite content we’ve ever made:

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