What Pros Wear: Closeout Bats drops Four custom Rawlings Rev1x’s just dropped four killer custom Rawlings Rev1x’s. As of right now, you can give them a call at 201-664-4916 to order yours or you can wait until they go live on their website next week.

Each Rev1x model is 11.5″ and they are all limited to a couple dozen per glove. Here are some close ups of the options.

Baby blue and white (reminiscent of Bo Bichette’s gamer from 2022).

Same vibe but red and white with the I-Web.

The flashiest (and my favorite) of the bunch is this red, baby blue, and gold I-Web.

The last, and the most “classic” of the bunch, is this blonde, black, and silver I-Web.

These will all retail at the Rev1x standard of $399.

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