What if you went to all 81 “away” games? Making the dream a reality… – Home & Away

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself.

Steve Trefz, 42 yrs old, Twins fan by virtue of birthplace (farm in rural NorthCentral South Dakota), of influence (Herb and John every summer evening for 3.5 hrs), and of circumstance (first World Series that I remember watching was 1987, which was also the year of the first Metrodome trip and Twins game of my life).

I have more to share when it comes to “Why the Twins?,” but for now I just want to introduce where this blog is headed…literally.

26 Series

22 Stadiums

81 Games

1 Idea that I just can’t shake

What started out as a dream…a vision…is now actually happening.  The original vision for this journey emerged in the winter of 2019-20.  I had planned out the travel, the cost, the ramifications of attending all 162 Twins games in person  Needless to say, 2020 would not be the year that I attended all 162 games for my favorite squad.  The reasons are legion, and obvious to all of us who have lived through the past few years.  But in the meantime, and in the present, the dream continued.  An altered quest emerged.

As a resident of Mitchell, SD, I’ve discovered that while I’ve loved having a flex-plan season ticket package off and on for the past several years, getting to Minneapolis for home games has become less and less feasible.  In many ways, every pilgrimage to Target Field serves as a reminder that while I feel at “home” at Target Field, going to all 162 essentially “away” games was not going to happen with my current life circumstance (Husband of an awesome lady, and Father of two awesome teenage boys).  The dream, however, refuses to leave me.

Enter a negotiation, a truce, a window of grace…

“All 81.”  

An epic, albeit difficult, journey to be with my team out on the road.  A pledge to be present and accounted for in a Twins jersey at each of the enemy stadiums.  A quest to rekindle a love for community, and my country, after a couple of years of being isolated.  A hope for the kind of experience that might shape me for years (if not generations) to come.

Plus it should be a blast!

Stay tuned please, I would love to share this journey with you.  I plan to post every few days during the “planning” phase of the season.  Let me know as we go how far into the weeds you want me to get.  I have spreadsheets, data points, mileage and cost estimates, qualitative community assessments for the various cities and neighborhoods, etc.   I’m prepared to nerd out.   I also look forward to sharing the stories, sights, emotions, and insights that emerge from the quest.  I’m prepared to get personal.  I also look forward to a freaking division championship and a World Series run that adds another dozen or so “away” games to my list 🙂  I’m prepared to get medication to help with that part.

I’m going to need your help in this.  I’m starting this quest with this community in mind.  The TwinsDaily family (aka you the reader) has helped me navigate through much of the nastiness of the past few years.  It’s my prayer and hope that by me going to all 81, you will be right there with me.  

Grace and peace, and thanks for reading!  Until next time,


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