What are the Rules for Indoor Field Hockey?

While you can get away with using your favorite Outdoor Hockey stick when playing Indoor, it’s not ideal. The ball is on the lighter side, you are not allowed to hit, and it’s a quicker game. You don’t require as much power from your stick, so they tend to have much less ‘meat’ – HH official term 😉  

The main Indoor vs Outdoor Hockey Sticks are ;

  • Lighter and more flexible 
  • Thinner shaft and toe
  • Flatter


Indoor Balls: Made of solid plastic, the ball has a circumference of between 224 mm and 235 mm. It weighs between 156 grams and 163 grams. They are usually white in color, however other colors (red and yellow) can also be used.

Indoor hockey nets: Goals are smaller than in outdoor hockey for easier portability and to reflect the smaller fields at 2m high x 3m wide and a minimum of 1m deep.

Indoor Hockey Shoes: As the indoor surface is vastly different from turf or grass, so must your shoes. Flat rubber soles give optimum grip, while non-marking is a must for some venues. 

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