Things You May not Know About Rugby

Rugby is a football game played by two of either 15 players (in rugby union) or 13 players (in Rugby league). Canadian and American football were once considered a form of rugby football, but are seldom referred to as such now. It is a popular sport around the world with teams and clubs found in many diverse places. It is a fast growing sport among women in numerous countries.

Rugby football started around 1823 at the Rugby school in Rugby, Warwickshire, England during a game of football, It spread to other public schools and across the British Empire in the 19th century. 

The Rugby World Cup trophy is named after William Webb Ellis, he was said to have picked up the ball and gone with it during the game. William Webb was said to have defied the convection of the game, thus creating the basis of handling ball in Rugby football. Although there’s no direct evidence to prove this theory, it was cited by the Old Rugbeian Society in a report on the origin of the game. Rugby school was pivotal in the development of Rugby and the first rule of the game. It was reported that even after leaving the school, many old students wished to play Rugby and the alumni matches were not enough to satisfy them. One of the very first Rugby clubs was formed in the mid 19th century, appearing at Blackheath. 

Rugby enthusiasm rapidly spread from it elite origins in England, Scotland, and Ireland to middle-class men in the north of England and in Wales and even to the British colonies in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It was transformed into a new style of football when it spread to North America. 

                                      Rules in Rugby 

To play Rugby as a rookie, you need to remember these rules and strictly adhere to them. The list of the rules or law are on the international Rugby board and they include: 

  1. No helmet or shoulder pads in Rugby 
  2. The game contains 15 players from each team 
  3. No forward passes. Remember to always pitch the ball backwards towards your teammates.
  4. Every player on the Rugby field can run with the ball, everyone tackles equally. There’s an opportunity for everyone to prove themselves and score a point.
  5. You can only tackle the player running with the ball
  6. When the ball is released from a tackle, either team can pick it up.
  7. There is no  assist to block your runner
  8. When you’re tackled, you have to let go of the ball within a second. Do not touch the ball again till you’re standing on your feet
  9. When you tackle someone, you can only pick up the ball when you are on your feet. Do not dive on a loosen ball.
  10. The other team automatically gets the ball if you accidentally drop the ball after your team mate pitches the ball to you. It is a penalty called a knock on.
  11. If a player outrun the other, they can pick up the ball and start running

The list above contains Rugby rules basis for all players.

                              How to score in Rugby 

If you know about football, then Rugby will be easy for you. Rugby is simply about 90% football and 10% soccer.  The concept of the game is basically two teams trying to gain the most points in 80 minutes through different techniques.

The following are ways to score in Rugby:

  • When you score a touchdown, 5 points are scored. A touchdown is when you run into the end zone with the ball in your hands and “touch the ball down”. It is called a try
  • Like in American gridiron, 2 points are scored when you kick the point after the touchdown. 
  • 3 points are scored if you kick a field goal. 


Rugby is so intense, and can appear to be complicated, but with careful observation you will realize it is not so difficult to learn. So with hours of game time you will understand the concept and structure of the game. 

An easy way to study and learn more about Rugby is gaming online . Remember there’s a space for everyone on a Rugby team.

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