The Entertainment Capital of the World… Las Vegas Golfing Guide!

Fancy scuba diving with Sharks?
Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to do it but in Las Vegas you can. Head over to The Mandalay Bay hotel aquarium and swim with the fearless sand shark.

Get married
We’ve seen the movies…have a great time on a night out and get married…well you’ll be one of around 100,000 that take place in Vegas each year, that’s quite a number!

Take on an eating challenge
18 would probably be a more suitable number for a golfer but at Mandalay Bay you can take on their challenge of 24 sliders in 24 minutes. Given that I hit at least 18 sliders that miss the fairway a round I think I’m pretty much there already…

Has this article got you thinking about a golfing trip to Las Vegas?

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