The Cairns Cup Winners 2022 | Team USA 3 – 21

The Golf – Day One

Following the opening ceremony were the Day 1 – Fourballs. The weather was awful with persistent rain for most of the round. The sun did shine towards the end of the round but it was too late for some of the seated golfers, who suffered with being cold and wet.

However, all players completed their matches like troopers – a testament to the spirit of the Cairns Cup. All the matches throughout the week were started by David Rose (Hickory Golf Days).

The historic opening shots at the 135yds Par 3 first, were all amazing, with the 2nd match giving the days highlights – Kris Aves Europe from his Paragolfer getting a 3 nett 1 by sinking a 30ft putt – and then John Bell USA getting a 2 nett 1, hole halved in 1.

Derek Milne / Trevor Crombie v   B Canesi / G Hooks        USA 2 up

K Aves / C Foster          v      J Bell / R Clay                            USA 1 up

F Sorber / J Sraga            v           V Biser / B Munoz            USA 2 & 1

D Rogers / N Dodge           v        J Snyder / S Taylor            USA 3 & 2

F Harmsen / T Loogman        v      S Ford / K Holland          USA 6 & 4

D Hennessey / P Sottomayor         T Ramin / C Osborne     USA 4 & 3

To be fair, the first day’s play was a whitewash for team USA. However, with two matches going to the 18th and 1 to the 17th, these matches could have gone either way. The result did definitely not reflect the standard of golf played in horrendous weather.

The Golf – Day Two

The second day brought better weather with plenty of sunshine, giving plenty of hope for the European team looking for a comeback in the Foursomes. 

Once again, the 1st tee shots into the green were of the highest standard. This was maintained throughout the day with 5 out of 6 games going to the 18th hole and the remaining game ending on the 17th.

This days’ golf couldn’t have been closer, but once again, Team Europe was on the wrong side with a loss 4.5 to 1.5. This left the match scored at 10.5 to 1.5 and team Europe with a mountain to climb in the singles.

C Foster / L Emmen       v      K Moore / G Hooper         Game Halved

D Hennessey / R Hurcombe    v    R Clay / G Hooks      Game Halved

T Loogman / D Milne        v     S Taylor / K Holland        USA 2 & 1

N Dodge / D Rogers          v     T Ramin / J Faircloth      USA 1 up

K Aves / J Sraga     v               J Bell / V Biser                  USA 1 up

C Nacthwey / F Sorber          J Snyder / S Ford              Game Halved 

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