Posted by Cricket Store Online on 18th Sep 2022

In this video, Amar Shah from CricMax reviews the latest original player bat from SS, “SS TON DAVID MALAN.” It is a unique bat made keeping the English power hitter David Malan’s playing style in mind. Amar reviews two of these Original player bats, which were carefully selected by Jatin Sareen himself. So, you can rest assured of their quality and performance.

SS Ton David Malan cricket bats are made from the world’s finest Grade 1+ English willow and weigh exactly 2.10 lbs. The bats come with an unfinished toe, a trademark of original player bats by SS. The bats have a spotless front face with 7 – 9 dark and even grains showing the quality of the willow used to make them. The main features of this bat are mentioned below!

SS TON DAVID MALAN is a full-profile cricket bat with a slight duckbill toe having large and bulky edges. The edges are 40mm thick, enhancing the bat’s hitting ability. The bats have a spine height of 65mm, allowing a wider sweet spot to hit massive shots consistently. Amar checked the ping on the bat with a red ball. The ping is exceptionally consistent and solid, as you can expect from an original player bat from SS.

SS Ton David Malan comes with an oval handle with a single grip on top of them. There aren’t many original player bats that come with an oval handle. So, if you want a premium quality bat with an oval handle, SS Ton David Malan might be the best choice. The weight of the bat is equally distributed throughout the entire bat. SS Ton David Malan has a very light pickup because of its oval handle and thick shoulders, ensuring maximum bat speed for accurate and consistent hitting.


Amar reviews two SS Original bats in this video. Both of them have the same profile and weight. They only differ in their grain count, which doesn’t affect their performance. This minor difference is because the willow used to make them is from distinct clefts of wood.


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For a complete expert review, watch the video below!

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