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Amar, in this video, reviewed the SS terminators and tell us about what actually the terminator profile provides. This series of bats have a similar profile to Yuvraj Singh’s original cricket bat. Yuvraj Singh is an Indian cricketer with a huge fan base known for his power-hitting and consistency. The main highlights of Amar’s review are mentioned below!

An extremely clean willow bat with black sticker branding of SS terminator. The bat’s overall profile is thick and it is for those who desire to perform at a professional level in the field. The bat is made for a larger playing field. It is a cross between a SS finisher and an SS legend.

The video shows Amar unboxing three bats. If we look at the sizes and grains, they are all comparable. The Grade of the willows, however, changes according to the customer’s payment capability.

The SS Terminator Core is a grade 3 English willow bat. The bat has a mid-low sweet spot with an oval handle which helps in the lighter pickup of the bat. It weighs around 2.8-2.10 lbs. These bats have 5-6 straight grains with a clean face willow.

The SS Terminator Classic is a grade 2 English willow bat. The bat has the latest shape with thick edges that enable you to hit big shots while performing at your best. This bat comes with 5-7 nice straight grains with a clean face without any blemishes. It weighs 2.8 lbs and has a phenomenal ping.

The SS Terminator Elite is a premium hand-selected grade 2 English willow bat. It’s made with the requirements of the world’s best players in mind. The bat has a high-quality grip and a premium oval handle. It comes with 6-8 straight grains. These bats weigh around 2.8-2.11 lbs.


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For a complete and summarized expert review, check the video below!

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