MIDD Volleyball 2021-2022: Senior Celebrations

Senior Spring is a super busy time, and a time of culminating work, final dinners, celebrations and parties. Melissa joined us for the Athletic Department Awards Ceremony, which was so nice!  

However, before that final week, a few of us attended Jane’s Thesis, which she CRUSHED, by the way!  As you can maybe see from the picture, Jane’s Thesis was titled:  Theoretical Unimolecular Thermal Decomposition of Vanillin!  So, you know, light topic!

Then, I took the seniors out for dinner at Two Brothers, where we ran into both Caitlin and Gabbie having a last dinner out before leaving town for the summer, which was fun. Oh, it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to this group.  The fun thing for me is that we’ll actually be on the same “schedule” for reunions, so their 5th reunion will be 35th, etc…

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