Head Auxetic Extreme MP 2023 Play Test

The Head Extreme range has been given a massive face-lift for 2023. The Extreme has always been synonymous with spin, spin and more spin. Im really excited to play with this racket. It is a racket I had dabbled with over the years. I know Richard Gasquet has been synonymous with this racket and Head had always included a yellow Extreme flash.

I have seen Matteo Berrittini use this racket to devastating effect on the grass at Wimbledon. I have played with the Head Radical MP for many years and always looked at the specifications of the Extreme and due to their similarity I felt it was going to be a good choice. In the most recent Extreme launched in 2020 I really enjoyed the spin generation from the Tour model.

String Set up

I played with a new Head Extreme MP strung with Head Lynx Tour 54lbs. Played outdoors in damp conditions over a period of two weeks. I would have loved to have played with this longer but such is life.

First thoughts

The new Extreme has an interesting new colour scheme? Brave choice by Head don’t you think? I must say I would never have picked it myself but I do like it. I have had lots of positive comments on the colourscheme. It is definitely a conversation starter and eye catching. What else catches eye with the new frame? I guess it has quite a narrow beam and has a very streamlined look. Good for racket head speed and ploughing through that ball. Let’s see.

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