Golf Course Management | Lower Your Scores

Good Golf Course Management is the key to lowering your golf scores but how do you change your mindset?

Golf is a game that really frustrates almost every golfer! Why? Because we are always looking for that perfect round. Whether off the tee, fairways shots, approach shots to the green or putting, occasionally we get it right and we think we are the next Tiger Woods!

However, in reality, we have often left with the same thought in the bar afterwards, “If only I’d have done …, my score would have been better”. Well maybe the score would have been better had we had a little more ‘thought process’ before we took a shot.

You’ve got to ask yourself what’s important – getting better scores or hitting it as hard and as far as possible. Do you have to take on every pin? If it’s the latter, then continue to play the way you do and enjoy your game but accept that things probably won’t change.

Of course, every now and again you will, by the law of averages, have that miracle round and the occasional amazing shot which brings us back, time and time again. But is your thought process consistent?

If your aim is to shoot lower scores consistently, this can be achieved by good course management and plotting your way around the course. 

After all, with the help of their caddie, that’s what the golf professionals do. A smart caddie will save a pro golfer several shots a round by simply having good golf course management. 

Here are some top tips from Tee to Green and how to approach the psychology of golf when on the course.

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