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With parts of the world somewhat returning to “normal” lives some of us are very happy to see the return of hockey in front of an audience. The best hockey of the world is still the game played in front of a home crowd. Wether that be the national teams playing international games in their own country or the club teams in the domestic leagues or EHL. With star players rising to the occasion and team players giving it their all.

There is no substitute for club hockey though. The fans have the closest connection to their club. Not just because they often know at least one or two of their star players in person. But because it’s the same shirt they wear when playing the game or it’s the same shirt their kid wears every weekend when playing themselves. So we enjoy seeing the club games sore once again with the new season that just got underway in most European domestic leagues. In club hockey we enjoy the game on a weekly basis and we have a couple of pinnacle moments every season. That good be your local derby, the play off games dreaming of a national title that is within reach, the promotion/relegation games deciding the fate of your club for next season… or the EHL.

Some club teams get to play internationally as well in the world renowned EHL and for most players (+ their family & friends) this is the absolute pinnacle in their playing career. Because only few are chosen to represent their country. So we love it when the EHL comes to town. Especially following a loooong year with a pandemic, lock downs and games without fans…

However in every league we always have some games that can not get the juices flowing… It’s true for the FIH Pro League, it’s true for some of our domestic league games towards the end of the season. It’s even true for the EHL… and that’s the case for the games about to be played these next few days at the club of Dragons in Belgium and in Hamburg at UHC for the women. Yes, we’ll see some top teams playing each other which is always a treat in any circumstance. But with “nothing” at stake it’s difficult to get excited about the upcoming games.

EHL Ranking Cup?

EHL Ranking Cup

The only reason the games will be payed is because the EHL is the ranking points needed for the EHL to determine how many clubs each country gets to deliver for the next edition. It’s why they’re calling it the EHL Ranking Cup…

Though this will not get you very excited most likely, same for the players about to play these games, still… it’s a couple of hockey games played by some of the best players and clubs in the world. That alone should make it worthwhile to at least catch a couple of these games. So if you’re within driving distance of the club of Dragons in the north of Belgium (or Hamburg for the women) you should go… if not, the matches are being live streamed here.

More info and tickets for the men’s games: click here

More info and tickets for the women’s games: click here

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