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In a short time, Major League Rugby has been a revelation in building the popularity of the sport in the US, while also building a global audience for the competition.

2022’s edition promises to be bigger and better than ever, and with it comes a bevy of new and updated jerseys for us to get our teeth into – let’s dive in.

Austin Gilgronis

AG’s jerseys in MLR so far have been pretty boring in their homage to the Texas Longhorns so it’s nice to see them mix it up for 2022 with this striking black and orange design with faded pattern across the body.

Dallas Jackals

No change for the Jackals this season, who are sticking with their distinctive teal-based designs.

Houston Sabercats

The Sabercats have pushed things up a gear this season with an interesting blend of a fade with pinstriped hoops – a real step up from last season’s bland affairs.

LA Giltinis

The 2021 champs keep things broadly the same for 2022 – and why would you change, let’s face it? New this year is a very fetching multi coloured trim to both shirts.

San Diego Legion

The Legion have added gold to the usual red and black for their kit this season – the geometric pattern on the jersey is pretty interesting.

Seattle Seawolves

The first truly new designs for the Seawolves in a few seasons pairs an interesting swirl pattern on the home and sublimated ‘fin’ design on the away – the extra wide neckline is a bit odd though.

Utah Warriors

The Warriors have kept their distinctive and cool Brumbies- style four bands across the chest, but this time it’s paired with some very cool hoops.

Rugby ATL

Atlanta love their geometric patterns but we’re not exactly enamoured with the snakeskin pattern of this year’s designs – the double band across the shirts is cool though.

Old Glory DC

No change for D.C. this year – the ragged US flag across the top third of both home and away designs.

New England Free Jacks

Full old-school hoops are back for the Free Jacks this year, continuing the club’s classic vibe in rather lovely fashion.


New Orleans have had some truly awful jerseys in recent years but we actually really like these? Not enough modern teams go quartered and these look great.

Rugby New York

New York are going FULL NYC this year with these designs inspired by the Statue of Liberty – very cool.

Toronto Arrows

The Arrows have had the best jerseys in MLR and this year is no exception – the tonal blue half and half design is lovely and the addition of gold to the hooped chevron design is a winner.

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