Borna Coric tells Serena Williams why used to be ‘scared’ to greet her

Borna Coric jokingly revealed to Serena Williams he used to be “a little scared” to say a simple hi to her because he had the feeling the American was a bit grumpy at times. Wilson Tennis hosted an event, during which Williams, Coric and some other brand representatives had a conversation.

During the 2015 Australian Open, Williams and Coric finally started a conversation. “I always saw Borna on tour. I think, in 2015, I was in Australia and he was always in the gym. I always joked with him that he didn’t know I existed.

So he finally realized that I exist,” Williams said. Coric then jokingly added: “I was a little scared because, on the court, she can get a little bit grumpy sometimes. I wanted to say hi, but then I was like maybe she’s grumpy, I’m not sure if I should say hi or not.”

Williams concluded her astonishing career at the US Open

Williams, a former 23-time Grand Slam champion, picked the US Open as the place where she wanted to put an end to her astonishing career. In a recent interview, Williams admitted it “felt very weird” going to the tennis court for the first time after retirement.

“I started this company a while ago, so I just jumped right into that. I didn’t even think about the whole retirement. I still haven’t really thought about it. But I did go on the court the other day and [realized] for the first time in my life that I’m not playing for a competition and that felt very weird.

It was like the first day of the rest of my life, and so far, I am enjoying it. But I’m still trying to find that balance,” Williams said. In August, Williams revealed her plan was to focus on family and business after tennis career.

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