Are you Looking for YOUR Game Changer?

Are you Looking for YOUR Game Changer?

I really enjoyed watching the final round of the Waste Management Championship with 3 leaders who fought neck and neck throughout the day. I like to root for the underdog, so Nick Taylor (ranked 223rd in the world) had a surprising performance as he kept up with Scottie Scheffler and Jon Rahm who were fighting it out to take the number 1 golfer position in the world. Nick Taylor has not won a major championship in years so I was really curious to find out how he had changed his game to stay in contention.

Bonus money was added to this tournament, so the winner took $3.6 million and second place took $2.18 million. That prize money added pressure on every shot for the leaders and especially on Taylor who really has been a Canadian No-Name in golf for some time.

Game Changer
Nick Taylor had to make a number of pressure putts over 10 feet throughout the final round. After the round he described his NEWFOUND SUCCESS. Over the past few months, he has been putting with a claw grip with his trailing hand.

Nick Taylor’s breakthrough is a claw grip with his trailing hand to square-up his swing direction to win second place in WM Championship.

His lead hand is a conventional putting grip but with his first finger pointing directly down the leading side of his putter grip.
His trailing hand is a claw grip with his wrist turned sideways so that it can’t bend during his swing.
-As long as he chose the right line and the right amount of swing speed his claw grip allows him to swing directly up his target line. Eliminating any trailing wrist action stops his stronger right hand from pushing his putter in an arc around his body.

I love this concept and plan to adopt this claw grip as I have been putting by releasing my trailing hand at the point of impact so that my leading hand swings my putter directly up my target line. Using a claw grip with my trailing hand should give me more stability in my swing especially for putts under 15 feet.

A key principle for putting is to avoid bending your wrists and ONLY using the rocking action of your major back and shoulder muscles. That’s why one of the 6 swing fixes provided by GOLFSTR+ is to hold your leading wrist flat during your putting stroke. The claw grip with your trailing hand ELIMINATES putter face rotation. BINGO! Buy one today at


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