A beginner-friendly betting market recommendation

Published on: Dec 01, 2022

Cricket was invented more than 300 years ago and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. The sport is popular in many parts of the world, but India is a country that is absolutely crazy about cricket. In fact, IPL and cricket are the most popular forms of entertainment across India with hundreds of millions of devoted fans.

In recent years, cricket betting has exploded in India as various international betting sites offer instant access to online betting on all cricket events – to find the right one for you, simply visit Bettingguru. In this article, we take a look at the most fun, beginner-friendly betting market beginner bettors should look into.

Betting on cricket for Indian players

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain the basic dynamic of cricket betting in India and recommend the betting market we think newbie Indian bettors should get into.

Cricket betting for beginners: bet on the player of the match

From the mid-1980s and onwards, there has been a man of the match chosen after every significant cricket game. This award and great honour goes to a player who has performed exceptionally well during the match. He is usually selected by business supporters of the game, live observers, or sometimes by public vote. The honour, usually accompanied by a cheque, is often widely broadcast, and the man of the match periodically says a few words about his presentation and the game in general.

The main thing to note is that most often, the man of the match comes from the winning team. However, in a match that has resulted in a draw, the likelihood of the top player coming from either team is even. Sporadically, the top player is chosen from the losing team, but it is certainly unusual.

If you’re new to betting on cricket, you might want to avoid the more complex betting markets like Over/Under. Instead, bet on your favourite player or the outstanding performer of the season. The man-of-the-match market takes the headache that comes with the harder-to-predict markets away and is instead a great deal of fun.

Is betting legal in India?

Sports betting is illegal in India, which means there are no domestic sportsbooks that can legally accept your bets. However, countless international betting sites offer their services to Indian players and there is no real barrier to getting involved. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and make a small deposit to start betting.

These sites are aware of how huge cricket is in some parts of the world, so they offer a huge selection of cricket matches and betting markets for each game. Indian cricket fans can enjoy all the magic of cricket and bet on games as they see fit, with markets that cover individual player performances, overall team performance, and more.

A secure betting environment

The Indian government does not support sports betting and generally portrays online betting with international sites as unsafe. However, this is not true, as most betting sites that you will find on across the internet are actually quite safe and operate under international gaming licences that determine how they must operate.

Players who choose to bet online with these major bookmakers are in safe hands, and the money they deposit is always safely on hand should they decide they want to withdraw it. Despite what anyone says, online sports betting can be a lot of fun and safe.

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